Focus on a Niche

There are a few differences between the affiliates who make 4 and 5-figures a day compared to those who don’t. Often times, new affiliates get excited and try to promote every major offer they come across. Instead of trying to promote a bunch of offers, affiliates who achieve success are those who identify a specific niche and dominate it.

Choose Your Promotion Method

You will need to get into the brain of your prospective customers. Where do they hang out online? What do they enjoy doing?Focusing on a specific niche is no different. In order to effectively market to the buyers in your niche, you have to know exactly who you’re selling to.Keep in mind that you’re not trying to be everything to everyone… You’re selling to a particular customer. In order to effectively sell to your ideal customer, think about promotion methods that will speak to that person.For example, if you’re targeting women in their mid-20’s who want to improve their bum for summertime, writing a 1,500-word blog post about the ingredients in a specific product won’t attract their attention. Instead, use the visual appeal of social media on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter.

Turn Your Brand Into an Authority

Smart marketers have moved from churning and burning domains and WordPress sites to creating brands.What’s the first step in creating a brand? Use multiple channels to broadcast your message online. Use a tool like Namech_k to find an available username for your social media accounts.At a minimum, set up an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.Next, create content. Do it yourself or hire someone on Fiverr to write a product review. Turn that product review into a video. Use a screenshot of that video and post it on social media. Then, when you post, use relevant hashtags to put your content in front of audiences that are following those topics.

Incorporate Email Marketing

Check out our recommended courses below on starting email marketing. to see what you should implement into your branding efforts.Everyone who follows you on social media should be on your email list. Every email subscriber should also follow you on social media. You want to give people multiple points of contact where they can see your content on a regular basis.

Buy Quality Traffic

Once you’ve set up your site, a brand and social media channels, buy traffic to see how it connects with your intended audience. If you have content that people find interesting and engaging, they’ll want to come back to learn more.If you’re giving them value with a lead magnet, not only will you give them something useful, you’ll also have their email address. Once you have them following you on social media or via email, you’ll be able to communicate with them again.Next, optimize your paid traffic campaigns. Test a variety of buyer-focused keywords. Keywords that compare one product to another or review-based keywords indicate high buyer intent.You’ll want to take advantage of these high-intent keywords by giving your audience something for them to act on: A strong Call To Action with your affiliate links.

Focus Leads to Profit

Those marketers that focus on specific niches earn greater profits than those who try to be all things to all website visitors. Give people fewer choices and then run people through. If you overwhelm people, they’ll become confused and will just leave.Think about the restaurant industry for a minute… There are few restaurants that serve every type of food available. A Brazilian steakhouse doesn’t market to vegetarians. Instead, they focus on a single segment of the population: People who like meat.It’s a waste of time and energy for a steakhouse to try to cater to vegetarians… So they don’t. Instead, focus on a single audience and capture their trust and loyalty.